Jeremy Ranch

Principal's Corner

JRES Homework Pilot 2017-2018

All students :
• Read appropriate level books for 20 minutes each night, independently and with their families.
• Get outside and play (this does not mean more screen time).
• Eat dinner with your family (and help with set-up and clean-up).
• Get a good night’s sleep.

JRES Homework Pilot Frequently Asked Questions

I heard “no homework.” Isn’t reading every night called homework?
Yes, sometimes. However, successful children and adults regularly read for fulfillment and enjoyment. Reading is a healthy habit that is more readily cultivated by reading for enjoyment than through assignment. Our intention is that our students create a daily habit of reading something they enjoy, and reap the intrinsic reward that they earn.

Why would we reduce our homework routine?
Research published in recent years suggests the practice of homework in elementary schools does not necessarily increase academic performance. Research also supports the notion that the anxiety produced by homework requirements often impedes children’s enjoyment of school, which may reduce academic performance. Further, many students and parents come to dread the practice and routine of homework, which impacts the quality of time they have together each evening.

What about Math?
Good question! The home/school connection is stronger when parents and teachers have regular contact with a child’s developing Math skills. Our answer is to occasionally substitute an independent Math activity for reading. That Math activity will allow parents to know more about their student’s Math growth, and will enable the teachers to know what their students can finish independently. Parents may expect this about once per week.

Will my child ever have to do classwork at home?
Maybe. Upon occasion your teacher may ask your child to review for a test. Or, perhaps your child was unable to complete an assignment that the rest of the class finished.

What if I want my child to do more homework?
Every child has different needs. Enrichment resources are available on your teacher’s web page, and your teacher can assist you in finding the best challenges for your child.

How long is this going to last?
Despite the energy and consideration that has gone into this wide-scale change, it is an experiment. As such, our new homework policy is subject to change and refinement as we monitor our students’ academic growth and development.

Shawn Kuennen