Jeremy Ranch Elementary School
Jeremy Ranch Elementary School

Lindsay Herman


Bonjour à tous!

Bienvenue à ma page de prof!
Welcome to my teacher page!

Please explore my Teacher Page, under the Websites tab will find wonderful videos and websites with interactive games for your child or to visit and play on all while learning and improving their French. I encourage them to visit a website a night in a category that is interesting to them!

Please feel free to email me at any time with any questions that you may have!




Le Français de tous les jours/Conversational French

Histoires Enregistrées – Read Alongs

Students will present the same Star of the Week poster in French class the week after they have presented in English class. This way, they have a little extra time to practice in French, and will have already performed once in English.

The “Celebrité de la Semaine” will be sent home with the Star of the Week folder, and contains a shortened version of the English questionnaire.So that you can help you child, here are the questions in English:

1. My name is:
2. I live in:
3. My birthday is: I am _ years old.
4. In my family there is:
5. My favorite activities are:
6. My favorite foods are:

To listen to the MiniMax Stories read aloud, please visit the l’École des Loisirs website listed below.

1. Choose “Listen to Stories” from the menu

2. Select “MiniMax” series

3. Find this month’s title and follow along in your books!

MiniMax Recordings