Lucie Kayser-Bril

Week 2 & 3 : 08/26 - 09/06

Week 2 & 3

1 & 2 Reading and writing : La convention Internationale des droits de l’enfant

3 Conjugation 

a) Online game : find the subject (level 1 and 2)

The students have to register as a student

The code classe/élève is on a separate document ,in the “important announcements” section.

b) Quizlet link : Avoir

4. Science

a) Brainpop. You can take the quiz, do challenges, watch the video (everything is in English). Login : jeremyranch  Password : parkcitysd



b) Read the definitions of the 3 words (lesson in the binder, Science) and take the quizizz




Week 3 & 4 : 09/03-13

Week 3 & 4 : 09/03-13

Conjugation :

a) Online game : find the subject and verbs (être et avoir) 

b) Quizlet : verbe être

Weeks 4&5 : 09/13-20

Hover Box Element

Conjugation :

a) Online game : find the subject and verbs (être et avoir) 

The passwords are just under this section, under “Important announcements”

b) Quizlet : verbe aller


Again, a short brain pop video on heredity.

Weeks 5&6 : 09/20-27

Weeks 5&6 : 09/20-27

Conjugation :

  • Verb of the week : faire (quizlet link)
  • Where is the subject + essential verbs (games here, the individual passwords are on the “important announcements” section, on the website.

Week 6&7 : 09/30 - 10/04

Week 6&7 : 09/30 - 10/04

Conjugation :

Science : Brainpop videos on Natural Selection Extinction Adaptation (hibernation)


Listen to the smash-boom-best podcast !! Here Chose the Bats vs Owls one


Week 7&8 : 10/04-11

Week 7&8 : 10/04-11

Conjugation :

Les verbes du 1er groupe -CER : explications –  jeu

Sciences :

Adaptations physiques et comportementales – vidéo  jeux


To sign up for the legend of learning games, choose the playlist option, the teacher code is KAYSER1 , the student login is FIRST NAME + INITIAL  DLI , then, create a password

Weeks 8&9 : 10/11-18

Weeks 8&9 : 10/11-18

  1. Writing : Debate (see the “how to work on my debate” document in the next section below)
  2. Conjugation : Quizlet link to the -GER verb and games
  3. Science : Look back at the previous weeks’ links, and all the vocabulary here (French / English heredity adaptation). The test will be in English.


Weeks 10&11 : 10/21 - 11/01

Weeks 10&11 : 10/21 - 11/01

Conjugaison :

Verbes être et avoir à l’imparfait.

Quizlet (être / avoir)et jeux pour s’entraîner !

Weeks 11&12 : 10/27 - 11/08

Weeks 11&12 : 10/27 - 11/08

  1. Reading : Optional (but if your child works on it, I will discuss it with him/her). Attached to the parent’s weekly email is the Venn diagram we used in class.
  • “Leur époque” means “their times”
The students have to find the dates of birth and death of both celebrities and decide if they lived at the same times or at different times (explain that in the big schemes of things, maybe the same time can mean the same-ish century, it doesn’t have to be the perfect same dates
  • Leur condition-socio-économique
Were they rich/poor? Had they a family, were they orphans? Siblings? Did their parents die when they were young? Did they get an education? Were they part of a minority?
  • Pourquoi sont-ils célèbre? Why are they well known?
  • Qu’ont ils laissé comme heritage à notre société? What is their legacy to our society?
It can be how they impacted the world. Did they better the conditions of some social classes/minorities? Or maybe create, discover something that we still use? Help some movement evolve?
  • Leur décès. Their death
How/When did they die? Did they get murdered? Suffer an illness? Were they already rich and famous when they died?

3. Conjugation

As usual, there are games here (new games on tenses added), and the quizlet link for the verb “aller à l’imparfait”

4. Science

Link to the science video here

Weeks 12 & 13 : 11/04 - 11/15

Weeks 12 & 13 : 11/04 - 11/15

Reading : The Diagram was attached to last week’s email, your kid can still use it or reproduce it

Writing : The students can access their google drive from home. If the first 2 paragraphs aren’t finished on Monday, when we start working on the 3rd, they’ll have to stay in during specialists or recess to finish them.

Conjugation : Verbe faire à l’imparfait. Quizlet + games

Sciences : Video on the French “Police scientifique” –



Week 13 & 14 : 11/11 - 11/22

Hover Box Element

Writing : The students can access their google drive from home. All the paragraphs except for the conclusion, need to be finished on Monday, or they’ll have to stay in during specialists or recess to finish them.

Conjugation : Quizlet here and games here !

Science : French Brainpop on magnets.

Login: jeremyranch

Password: parkcitysd


How do I work on my debate ?


  1. I start working on my presentation a longtime in advance !


  1. I work on either google slides or powerpoint.

You can save your presentation either on your googledrive or on a flashdrive.


  1. I make sure I understand the subject


  1. I pick 3 arguments to defend my side (pro or against)


  1. Every argument needs to be backed up with evidence !


An evidence needs to be either numbers (statistics, quantities, studies…) or be a visual (picture defending my opinion, graph..). I need to list my sources (either write under the document where it comes from, or write it on the last slide).


Use connecting words !


Premier argument Premièrement – avant tout – Tout d’abord – dans un premier temps – avant toute chose –
Pour introduire l’argument suivant et – de plus – par ailleurs – puis – ensuite – d’autre part – aussi – deuxièmement
Pour introduire mon contre argument Par contre – au contraire – en revanche – bien que – même si
Conclusion Au total, en somme, en conclusion, finalement, pour conclure, au fond


ajouter des informations/exemples par exemple – comme nous montre ___ – c’est le cas de – n’oublions pas que – souvenons nous que
indiquer une conséquence c’est pourquoi – par conséquent – ainsi – en effet – puisque – étant donné que




  1. I read on the topic.

I research, I read articules. I need to be ready to answer questions and defend my point of view.


  1. I create a minimum of 7 slides

I organize them

  • Title
  • Am I pro or against ? Intro
  • Argument 1 / evidence 1
  • Argument 2 / evidence 2
  • Argument 3 / evidence 3
  • Counter argument (not mandatory)
  • Conclusion
  • Sources


  1. I don’t copy/paste

I don’t write too much, I make sure that I understand(and that the class will understand) what I’m saying. You have to practice at home ! I can try to get ready for the oral « dispute » (7 minutes against my opponent). I can practice with my parents, friends, siblings…


  1. I add pictures, graphs, videos (in French !)…

It will be way easier for your public to understand what you are talking about with pictures and/or graphs.


  • I’m careful with the use of colors, font, size…


  1. I make sure that I know who I’m talking to !


Don’t forget that you have to win your classmate’s votes. They have to understand your presentation, be won over by your arguments and maybe participate a little bit (ask them questions that can prove your point !)

Musique de la classe!!