Lucie Kayser-Bril

Week 2 & 3 : 08/26 - 09/06

Week 2 & 3

1 & 2 Reading and writing : La convention Internationale des droits de l’enfant

3 Conjugation 

a) Online game : find the subject (level 1 and 2)

The students have to register as a student

The code classe/élève is on a separate document ,in the “important announcements” section.

b) Quizlet link : Avoir

4. Science

a) Brainpop. You can take the quiz, do challenges, watch the video (everything is in English). Login : jeremyranch  Password : parkcitysd



b) Read the definitions of the 3 words (lesson in the binder, Science) and take the quizizz




Week 3 & 4 : 09/03-13

Week 3 & 4 : 09/03-13

Conjugation :

a) Online game : find the subject and verbs (être et avoir) 

b) Quizlet : verbe être

Weeks 4&5 : 09/13-20

Hover Box Element

Conjugation :

a) Online game : find the subject and verbs (être et avoir) 

The passwords are just under this section, under “Important announcements”

b) Quizlet : verbe aller


Again, a short brain pop video on heredity.

Weeks 5&6 : 09/20-27

Weeks 5&6 : 09/20-27

Conjugation :

  • Verb of the week : faire (quizlet link)
  • Where is the subject + essential verbs (games here, the individual passwords are on the “important announcements” section, on the website.

Week 6&7 : 09/30 - 10/04

Week 6&7 : 09/30 - 10/04

Conjugation :

Science : Brainpop videos on Natural Selection Extinction Adaptation (hibernation)


Listen to the smash-boom-best podcast !! Here Chose the Bats vs Owls one


Week 7&8 : 10/04-11

Week 7&8 : 10/04-11

Conjugation :

Les verbes du 1er groupe -CER : explications –  jeu

Sciences :

Adaptations physiques et comportementales – vidéo  jeux


To sign up for the legend of learning games, choose the playlist option, the teacher code is KAYSER1 , the student login is FIRST NAME + INITIAL  DLI , then, create a password

Weeks 8&9 : 10/11-18

Weeks 8&9 : 10/11-18

  1. Writing : Debate (see the “how to work on my debate” document in the next section below)
  2. Conjugation : Quizlet link to the -GER verb and games
  3. Science : Look back at the previous weeks’ links, and all the vocabulary here (French / English heredity adaptation). The test will be in English.


How do I work on my debate ?


  1. I start working on my presentation a longtime in advance !


  1. I work on either google slides or powerpoint.

You can save your presentation either on your googledrive or on a flashdrive.


  1. I make sure I understand the subject


  1. I pick 3 arguments to defend my side (pro or against)


  1. Every argument needs to be backed up with evidence !


An evidence needs to be either numbers (statistics, quantities, studies…) or be a visual (picture defending my opinion, graph..). I need to list my sources (either write under the document where it comes from, or write it on the last slide).


Use connecting words !


Premier argument Premièrement – avant tout – Tout d’abord – dans un premier temps – avant toute chose –
Pour introduire l’argument suivant et – de plus – par ailleurs – puis – ensuite – d’autre part – aussi – deuxièmement
Pour introduire mon contre argument Par contre – au contraire – en revanche – bien que – même si
Conclusion Au total, en somme, en conclusion, finalement, pour conclure, au fond


ajouter des informations/exemples par exemple – comme nous montre ___ – c’est le cas de – n’oublions pas que – souvenons nous que
indiquer une conséquence c’est pourquoi – par conséquent – ainsi – en effet – puisque – étant donné que




  1. I read on the topic.

I research, I read articules. I need to be ready to answer questions and defend my point of view.


  1. I create a minimum of 7 slides

I organize them

  • Title
  • Am I pro or against ? Intro
  • Argument 1 / evidence 1
  • Argument 2 / evidence 2
  • Argument 3 / evidence 3
  • Counter argument (not mandatory)
  • Conclusion
  • Sources


  1. I don’t copy/paste

I don’t write too much, I make sure that I understand(and that the class will understand) what I’m saying. You have to practice at home ! I can try to get ready for the oral « dispute » (7 minutes against my opponent). I can practice with my parents, friends, siblings…


  1. I add pictures, graphs, videos (in French !)…

It will be way easier for your public to understand what you are talking about with pictures and/or graphs.


  • I’m careful with the use of colors, font, size…


  1. I make sure that I know who I’m talking to !


Don’t forget that you have to win your classmate’s votes. They have to understand your presentation, be won over by your arguments and maybe participate a little bit (ask them questions that can prove your point !)

Musique de la classe!!