Parking Lot

This is a quick update of our parking lot procedures. If you ever drop-off or pick-up children at JRES, please read through, because there are three important changes you need to know about:

1) The loading-lane at the Hawks Nest no longer merges into the through-lane. After loading, you will drive directly onto Bluebird Lane. In fact, after exiting the parking lot, the through-lane merges into the loading-lane. (In related news, we now have a left-turn lane onto Rasmussen Road.)

2) We can now load and unload twice as many cars at a time. (All the more reason to make the loading lane the most direct lane.) Drivers must stay in the drivers’ seat at all times in the Hawks Nest.

3) Parking is no longer allowed on Bluebird Lane, because we are doing everything we can to keep pedestrians and busses separated.

I recognize that the transition of our parking lot flow will take some time, and will cause some added frustration. Thank you for your patience during our peak traffic times. If we go slower and smoother, our kids will be safer.


Shawn Kuennen