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Sharing Benchmark Module and Interim Items

2020 Standard Test Administration and Testing Ethics Policy Training

Standard Test Administration and Testing Ethics Policy Training Signature Form


RISE Summative Testing and Benchmark Information:


2020-21 RISE Assessent information

Test Administration Manual

RISE 2021 Spring Summative Student Instructions

TIDE User Guide

Reporting System Guide


Tests by Grade:

3rd – ELA and Math

4th – ELA, Science and Math

5th – Writing, ELA, Science and Math


Expected Test Times:


Summative Blueprint ELA

Summative Blueprint Math

Summative Blueprint Science


Item Type Tutorials


Training and Practice Tests


RISE Benchmark Testing Instructions

Benchmark Modules Explained:

ELA Benchmark

Math Benchmark

Science Benchmark


Utah State Ethics Policy:

2020 Testing Ethics Policy

Testing Ethics Presentation and Forms

BOY Testing Window: 8/20/20 – 10/6/20

MOY Testing Window: 1/3/21 – 2/7/21

EOY Testing Window: 5/10/21 – 5/28/21


Math – Grades K-5

ELA – Grades K-5