Masterpieces in Art

Each grade is doing the same project, but we reposted the video to each grade’s channel.


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This is a long project that will need close to 2 hours and has to be done in 1 session.

Clay Thickness:
The attached picture should help you gauge the thickness of the clay. (In between thick cardboard (not Amazon box) and your picky finger.) This should be judged by you before they trace their hand so they can roll it a little more if needed.

Classroom Code:

In addition to having the kids write their first name on the back of their clay piece; we need them to add a code to identify they are REMOTE learners. (because several classes’ projects will fit together in the kiln.)

Kindergarten: K-R

First Grade: 1-R

Second Grade: 2-R

Third Grade: 3-R

Fourth Grade: 4-R

Fifth Grade: 5-R

Do Overs:
If any child really needs to start over, the clay can be rolled back up and they can start all the way over. Please make sure the ball is worked tightly to compress out the air and cracks.

Drying the Clay:

The last 3 minutes of the video shows you how to fold the brown wax desk protector, which is used to shape the hands. Some will need help with this step. Place the completed clay project in a safe location to dry at your house and bring to the main office about 2 weeks after completing the project so that we can fire it in the kiln. 

Contact us:

Please email us at once you drop off the March piece in the office. We will notify you about pick up times once we have fired the piece.